Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 10 Spirit & Ghost Sightings Caught on CCTV

By guest contributor, Clint Henderson of 2MCCTV Security

Obviously, this is a Paranormal “Studies” site and with the term comes a no-nonsense approach to writing. So, with that said, please keep in mind that, although many of the videos below are somewhat convincing, this particular Top 10 list is more for entertainment purposes.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already seen some of the more viral ghost sightings on YouTube. So hopefully making this Top 10 List more specific, refining only the footage captured on CCTV (closed-circuit television) and security cameras will reveal some clips you have yet to see.

Hampton Court Ghost Caught on CCTV
Could this be King Henry III haunting the court? Lots of speculation on this one, probably because it looks a little too real.

Ghost Car Disappears during Police Chase
I really enjoy this one. This video seems pretty annoying at first, especially with the guy doing the audio. But just get to the end where the car goes through the fence, it’s pretty amazing.

Ghost Caught on Tape in Front of Hospital
This one is bit weird, but somewhat intriguing. Maybe it is the spirit of a restless patient that died in the hospital looking for closure…

Ghost Hangs around Disneyland
Is this a ghost or is it just a light? I seriously had to watch this one like 3 times…

Transparent Street Ghost
Spirit caught on tape or great editing skills? What do you think? I know it’s a bit far-fetched, but entertaining, no?

Apparition of a Boy Lingers near Staircase
This footage was taken from a place called “The Doll House” in 2009. Yes, I did watch all 5 minutes of this, and yes, it did creep me out.

Ghost in Gym - Caught on CCTV Security Cameras
They say it isn’t a bug and similar systems have not seen anything like it. Is it the grandfather, like her son said?

Ghost of a Man's Mother Walks the Hallway at Night
This is baffling footage. You decide, is it real or not? Also... Don’t skimp out on these YouTube comments… some are laugh out loud funny

Possible Ghost Caught on Surveillance
Why would any ghost want to stay a nursing home? Get out of there while you can!

Ghost in the Pub
Those feet seem like they are a replay of the girl’s, but the bartender and customer seem to be freaking out. Do you have an explanation for the other sighting at the top?

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